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Lawsuit: rTMS Treatment Is Not ‘Experimental’

Insurance company won’t cover rTMS treatment for your entrenched depression (via Brainsway or Nuerostar devices)? Here’s a lawsuit that could change that:

“Psych-Appeal, Inc., in conjunction with Zuckerman Spaeder LLP and LeClairRyan, P.C., has filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetna on behalf of mental health patients suffering from depression. The federal lawsuit alleges that Aetna has categorically refused to cover a safe and effective treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).”

Read the full press release from the law firm.

Depression, News

The Egg & I: My Austin Chronicle Feature Story

egg & i

I’m on my back in a dimly lit room on the seventh floor of a Dallas research hospital. A device roughly two feet tall resembling an oversized egg is wheeled up behind me, its single blue clawlike appendage nestled possessively over the top of my head. “How’s that?” the doctor asks.

A thumb drive containing my information is inserted, and a man’s tinny voice buzzes from within the plastic shell announcing that a session is available. “Lie still with your eyes closed. Treatment begins in five, four, three, two, one. Treatment begins now.”

Rattalattarattalattasqueeeeak! Rattalattarattalattasqueeeeak!Rattalattarattalattasqueeeeak!

Welcome to the future of psychiatric care: low lights, an old massage table, and three spinning magnets. Continue reading


From Patient To Mental Health Advocate: TMS Clinic Interviews Me About Stigmas, Magnets

hunting of the snark

[Republished from TMS NeuroHealth Centers‘ website.]

Greg Harman had been living two completely separate lives; a successful Texas journalist and a struggling major depression patient researching the possibility of subjecting himself to an experimental treatment. Those lives never intertwined, until he decided to quit his job as an editor to join the clinical trials while documenting his experiences on a personal blog that has gathered a large following.

Greg has now decided to make his illness public and not just to his friends, but to his many readers as well. In Greg’s own words, “depression has been a part of me I’ve resented, lamented, and despised for the many ways it has sucked away my ability to live a full life. But it’s a part of me shared by many, many others. And they too feel alone. (…) They’re being condemned to isolation and, in some cases, suicide by the ugly and cruel as much as they are by the ignorant and fearful. It’s conformist bull**** at its worst. To hell with all that.” Continue reading


Accusations Of Mental Cruelty And The Hunt For Lord Mirth

Galileo Galilei

Is that him? Lord? Lord?

To go to bed frustrated, despondent, or angry is to frequently enter shock therapy.

In my case, I was still smarting from my decision to go public, the withholding of a blessing from (and it may surprise them to hear themselves described as such) key members of my circle, and professional setbacks and frustrations. A familiar feeling of emotional drowning, in other words, was fully engaged by the time my brain cycled down into that deeper level of analysis known as dreaming.

I was in a kitchen. Something in my throat tickled, but the muscles that would normally vibrate the windpipe wouldn’t engage. The tickle remained. It grew in my awareness. I obsessed over not having the basic, elementary mechanism to sooth that discomfort. To scratch. I was starting to panic. What was wrong with me?

Then another thought took it to the next level. Continue reading