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Grateful for “After Depression” reviews

It’s been a couple weeks since I published my new book, “After Depression: What an experimental medical treatment taught me about mental illness and recovery,” on Amazon. The comments, text messages, and reviews left on the book page have been incredibly encouraging. Best of all have been those who have reached out to tell me that this book helped them in some way on their journey. If nothing else, it’s another shot across the bow of the unjust stigmatization of those who wrestle with mental intensities.

I’m a long way yet from getting this book to help pay for my future training as a clinical mental-health therapist (and, no doubt, a long way to go in my own recovery), but I have to take it one day at a time. It’s all about showing up each day and pressing on the best we’re able. Sometimes it’s just about breathing through another devastating crash. Holding on until things clear.

Yes. There’s always a reason for discouragement. So many stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the depleting signals from our bodymind are stories that snare and tear at us. But today I am not in that space. Today I am just grateful for the opportunity to be here. Writing this blog post. Thanking you.


Purchase “After Depression” on Amazon for $3.99.


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