Stigma Busters: Depression Time on Rewire Me

Some of you may remember my “coming out” column of last year. I am happy to say that a promising new health-focused news site has just posted it. Check it out at Rewire Me and consider sharing your thoughts on their site. I’ll let you know when my next contribution–something about “falling sick” to find healing–posts in the coming week or so. Peace.


2 thoughts on “Stigma Busters: Depression Time on Rewire Me

  1. Matt Marinello says:

    Hey haven’t seen your posts in my feed since like last year I think. I had a different blog at the time. I think it was a mental health blog. This new one I don’t really know what it is. Good to see you posting again. They are now using the older version of tms at riverside methodist in ohio. ects are terrible though and they still use them there. to tell you the truth and if you disagree enlighten me. um….. many conversations with depressed individuals has revealed to me that it’s more than a chemical imbalance. All of the ones I talked to had terrible things happen to them. Could the imbalance be the effect and not the cause? I don’t know. It could be habits over time. I’m starting to be skeptical over the therapies like cbt and mindfulness. I feel that thoughts are overstated in their control over us. i believe the hierarchy is actions/emotions > thoughts. I do believe in behavioral therapy for anxiety (facing fears.) I do believe that questioning delusions helps schizophrenia. But in the end it seems the emotions in all illnesses overpower us no matter which one it is.

    • Yes. The popular notion of an imbalance, if such exists, could indeed be the result of other factors. Abuse, stress, bad diet, all these things can switch on the genes that result in illness. So many factors. But once the brain is damaged through sustained illness (the frontal starved, amyg shrunk, etc.) the question is sometimes less about causation and more about repair. … Sorry to take so long. Somehow your comment got buried in a slew of spam that WordPress has started letting through. Hope you are well.

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